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Allan and Cam J. Manning want to thank all of our friends and families  that have supported us.

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Manning Emporium has renewed our style and what we are to everyone, so everything was revamped in order to bring you new and exciting products and services.  We are always looking for the best to offer our clients, friends and family. We have been busy thinking about something that will help and heal many people.  

Now, are we still offering soap? YES! Even more than before… With the help of mother earth, all of our products are naturally made by Africans that have cultivated centuries of learning in order to develop some awesome goods that work great! We can’t keep them in stock. While most of the products help you to care for your skin and health, we also offer fashion items.

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Africa Imports helps people in Africa. Every time you purchase something from Africa, someone in Africa has a paid job making your items.

Africa Imports also pays for food and other needs for orphanages in Congo. To know more, visit

Making a Difference

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